Suspended Ceilings

With its entirely in-house process (rolling and lacquering), Alpine Aluminium is the tailor-made partner for the suspended ceiling market. Alpine Aluminium is able to adapt to your specific needs, from quantity, to colour range to slitting options.

Double-sided lacquer and range of colours : Wide selection of colours and coatings—multiplying the possible combinations. Double-sided lacquering, enabling our clients to reduce their stock.

Glossiness : Products can be prepared with mat to high-gloss finishes

Light : Pre-lacquered aluminium, three-times lighter than zinc.

Slitting : Slitting available from 20 to 400 mm

Easy to work with : Easy forming. Guaranteed to withstand bending.

Minimum orders : Alpine Aluminium offers the lowest minimum orders on the market.

Alloys : 3005 or recycled alloy.

State : from H46 to H48

Metal thickness : 0.35 to 1 mm

Width : 20 mm and up

Coating : polyester, polyurethanes – polyamides (PU/PA)

Colours : wide selection of standard colours, with specific colours available on request

All our products are delivered in compliance with European Standard EN 1396.