Alpine Aluminium produces lacquered aluminium sheets intended for buildings’ exterior cladding and delivers them directly to professionals. Our manufacturing is 100% made in France. Production takes place at our Annecy site using recycled aluminium. Only Alpine Aluminium guarantees 0T bend quality on its products.

Autres couleurs : minimum de livraison 3 tonnes

Alloys : 3105 H42

Dimensions : 1,5 x 1250 1 x 1250

Front finish : Polyester Back finish : Varnish

Protection : Opaque white film, with arrows, set back, width 1230

Sheets :standard length 3000 / Other lengths available on request Strips : 500 mm channel / 400 mm channel available on request 500 kg (about 35 x 1.5 mm sheets)

Strength : Excellent hold and durability under harsh weather conditions (adhesion, UV, corrosion).

Range of colours : Wide range of colours available in stock or on request (see standard colours tab). Lacquering both sides of a single strip is possible (identical or different colours), wide variety of combinations.

Light : Pre-lacquered aluminium is three-times lighter than lacquered steel or zinc. Easy to work with : Easy forming. 0T bend guaranteed. Alpine Aluminium is the only manufacturer guaranteeing 0T bends.

Cost savings : When you buy from Alpine Aluminium, you are buying directly from the manufacturer. Double-sided lacquering could enable you to cut part of your stock in half.

Minimum orders : Alpine Aluminium sends out the lowest minimum orders on the market (500 kg).

All our products are delivered in compliance with European Standard EN 1396.