Number Plates

Alpine Aluminium is a historic figure on the number plate market. Coil coating and excellent processing properties have enabled pre-lacquered aluminium to take its place as the sole high-quality competitive material.

Easy to work with: it’s exceptional ease of forming—drawing, for example—has made pre-lacquered aluminium the material of choice for number plates in numerous countries.

Strength : Excellent hold and durability under harsh weather conditions (adhesion, UV, corrosion).

Drawing : Excellent characteristics for drawing.

Appearance : No burrs or cracks on edges.

Alloys : 1200 – 1050

State : H 42 – H 44

Metal thickness : 0,70 – 1,5 mm

Widths : made to measure

Coating : Polyester varnish and lacquers

Colours : Standard or pre-chromate

All our products are delivered in compliance with European Standard EN 1396.