Lighting Fittings

Alpine Aluminium offers its clients a range specially designed for manufacturing complex-shaped aluminium reflectors, used for such applications as street lighting and illumination of industrial and commercial premises.

Our products are supplied with a high degree of gloss, making them particularly well suited to this type of market.

The discs can be formed by deep-drawing or flow turning, while preserving a surface condition compatible with the required optical properties. Aluminium reflectors manufactured in this way are intended for intense, prolonged use in exceptionally demanding environments.

Surface quality : We can guarantee flawless products

Formability : Easy drawing and flow turning thanks to excellent anisotropy

Cost savings : We can produce the thinnest products on the market

Optical properties : excellent reflection using the 1080 alloy

Alloys : 1050, 1200,1080

State : On request

Thickness : from 0.7 to 10 mm (in discs)

Surface quality : standard or Premium

Diameter : 140 to 740 mm

Anisotropy : 3% maximum

All our products are delivered in compliance with European Standard EN 1396.