With outstanding savoir-faire in metal processing and its double-sided lacquering capacity, Alpine Aluminium is currently the European leader on the pre-lacquered aluminium gutter market. Aluminium’s low density, an indisputable advantage when installing gutters, as well as multiple possible colour combinations, make it a very popular material.

Strength : Excellent hold and durability under harsh weather conditions (adhesion, UV, corrosion).

Range of colours : Lacquer on both sides of a single strip (Coil Coating/identical or different colours), many possible combinations.

Light : Pre-lacquered aluminium, three-times lighter than zinc.

Easy to work with : Easy forming. 0T or 0.5T bends guaranteed, according to the coating selected.

Cost savings : Per linear metre, zinc can be more than twice as expensive as pre-lacquered aluminium.

Minimum orders : Alpine Aluminium offers the lowest minimum orders on the market.

Alloys : 3005 – 3105

State : H 42 / H 43 / H 44

Metal thickness : 0,55 to 0,70 mm

Width : made to measure

Coating : High Durability polyester or polyurethanes – polyamides.

Colours : wide selection of standard colours, with specific colours available on request

All our products are delivered in compliance with European Standard EN 1396.