Façades & Cladding

Pre-lacquered aluminium is a fast-developing material for cladding. Alpine Aluminium combines very high-duty aluminium alloys with very high-quality lacquers in order to offer clients the durability necessary for this type of use.

In the past few years, numerous skyscrapers and luxury buildings have been completed in Europe and Asia.

Strength : Excellent hold and durability under harsh weather conditions (adhesion, UV, corrosion).

Range of colours : Wide selection of colours (Coil Coating) and coatings—multiplying the possible combinations in 2, 3 or 4 layers.

Uniform colour : A single tone guaranteed by coil coating lacquer application.

Light : The aluminium’s low weight makes it easy to handle in the workshop and on the construction site.

Easy to work with : Guaranteed 0T or 0.5T bend rating to make cassettes or any other façade components.

Minimum orders : Alpine Aluminium offers the lowest minimum orders on the market.

Alloys : 3005

State : from H41 to H48

Metal thickness : 1 to 2 mm or other thicknesses on request

Width : made to measure

Coating : HD or VHD polyester, polyurethanes – polyamides (PU/PA), PVDF

Protective film : 80 micron UV-resistant protective film, with direction of lacquer indicated for easy assembly

Colours : wide selection of standard colours, with specific colours available on request

All our products are delivered in compliance with European Standard EN 1396.