Alpine Aluminium serves the rigorous automotive market. We offer a wide range of aluminium products (discs, bands, sheets and lacquered elements) designed to suit the needs of the automotive and road transport industries. Our products satisfy this market’s all-important quality and safety standards. Lacquered products are made from specially-adapted alloys (3000, 5000 and 6000 series).
Our lacquers comply with automotive requirements and environmental standards.

After being processed by our parts manufacturer clients, the discs are used in manufacturing a variety of sub-assemblies such as:

• vacuum brake servo bodies
• protective shields for bare or pre-lacquered brake discs
• ATV rims
• transmission pulleys
• emergency actuators for lorry/trailer brakes, windscreen and door pillars, gasket inserts

Surface quality : Lacquer with excellent stretch. Heightened product inspections for 100% defect-free results.

Strength : Excellent hold and durability under harsh weather (adhesion, UV, corrosion).

Lacquers : drawable lacquers and primers specially developed for the automotive industry.

Adheres to insulation : Epoxy primer, enabling adhesion to all types of insulating materials (heat and sound).

Light : Extremely easy for the manufacturer to handle in the workshop, increased pay load for the carrier.

Easy to work with : Aluminium-based, with consistent shaping.

Minimum orders : Alpine Aluminium offers the lowest minimum orders on the market.

Alloys : 3000 – 5000 – 6000

State : On request

Thickness : Made to measure

Width : Made to measure

Coating : HD or VHD Epoxy or polyester

Protective film : 80 microns, opaque, with arrows.

Colours : On request

All our products are delivered in compliance with European Standard EN 1396.