Located in Cran-Gevrier near Annecy, Alpine Aluminium is a worker’s production cooperative specialising in aluminium processing (the most widely used non-ferrous metal in the world) and short-run production of parts.

Our strengths: a flexible and responsive organisation; our quality system; unique expertise and history.

Four trades form our core business:


Smelting works

This is the first step in the process. The metal is heated, melted, freed of impurities, then repoured in the form of plates, which will serve as the base material for the next step, rolling.


Hot and cold rolling

Plates from the smelting works are flattened between two cylinders, until plates of varying thicknesses—according to client requirements—are obtained. They reach several hundred metres in length and are rolled into coils.


The discs

At this stage, the rolled coils are unrolled and struck—like with a cookie cutter—in order to extract discs of varying diameters, according to client requests. Scraps from this process are recycled internally.



The coil is unrolled and run through various baths, so its material, once dried, is appropriately prepared to undergo wet coating with paint, lacquer, varnish, adhesive, etc.

Four reasons to work with us:

A 100% in-house process

Smelting, rolling and lacquering processes are fully integrated into our workshops. The raw material we use is processed in the plant from start to finish. No subcontracting—guaranteeing our clients greater logistical flexibility with the possibility of delivering on tight deadlines.


We will tailor our processes to your specifications, seeking out non-standard solutions to ensure your satisfaction.

Short-run specialist

We control the entire aluminium processing operation, allowing us to be flexible when it comes to producing small quantities.

Business on a human-scale, with all that a large company has to offer

With 100 employees assembled in a worker’s production cooperative, Alpine Aluminium has the flexibility of an SME, combined with the rigour of a large group.