Building cladding

Alpine Aluminum produces and supplies prepainted aluminum sheets directly to the end users of the building cladding market. Our production is 100% French made. Everything is realized on our Annecy site from recycled aluminum. Alpine Aluminum is the only supplier that guarantees the 0T bending quality on its products.

A 100% in-house process

The smelting and rolling processes are integrated into our workshops. The raw material we use is processed in the plant. We guarantee our clients excellent supply stability and the possibility of delivering within tight deadlines—without subcontracting.

Short-run specialist

We can produce the smallest batch sizes on the market.


We control the entire aluminium processing operation and tailor our processes to your specifications, seeking out non-standard solutions to ensure your satisfaction.

Business on a human-scale, with all that a large company has to offer

With 100 employees assembled in a worker’s production cooperative, Alpine Aluminium has the flexibility of an SME, combined with the rigour of a large group.


Automotiv and transport

Industrial applications